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my story...

I grew up in Long Beach, California, not too far from where I currently reside in La Mirada. I love Jesus and absolutely adore my handsome husband, Drew. Can you tell? :) We have the cutest little 9 month old baby boy named Hudson! We are over the moon and head over heals in love with him! Our lives have certainly changed forever! 

Our love story began in Lima, Peru, where we met and quickly fell in love. We lived and started dating in the Amazon Jungle (Pucallpa), and were engaged and married within a year! Call us crazy, but when you know, you know, right?? We got hitched in SoCal and then served at a church in St. Louis, Missouri for two year. Now, we are back in California for the next chunk of time as we both pursue our Masters Degree at Biola University. Our story is still being written and we are just following where the Lord leads us each step of the way. 

Personally, I mostly like meeting and talking to people over a hot cup of coffee (with Hazelnut creamer). I just love hearing other people's stories (tell me yours down BELOW). I love trying new things and traveling to new places, especially with my other half (or "mi media naranja" as they say in Peru). In my spare time, I love singing, playing the piano + guitar, cooking + baking, wake boarding + wake surfing (THE best!), and most of all, spending time with my little family of three!

Fun Fact: Our first pet was a monkey named Abu (may he Rest In Peace)


my work...

I have the most amazing job in the world! I get to capture the intimate, authentic, and delicate moments of your life from behind the lens of my camera. As an artist, I’m a sucker for love stories. My work is inspired by that mushy-gushy, soulmate, wanna-roll-your-eyes-at type of love, which makes each shoot I do as unique and compelling as the people in them. Weddings + couples are my favorite things to shoot! Marriage is such a beautiful and sacred bond, and I love watching other people commit to each other for the rest of their lives. Each story, marriage, and wedding is so unique, and it's always an honor for me to be able to create photographs that will help you remember those moments forever.

I would describe my style as romantic, calm, and honest. My goal for every shoot is to make you forget I’m even there. I want to capture the real you; that real laugh, that knowing glance between you and your bride, and that real kiss. But don't worry, I give direction when needed. ;) I don't believe photography is just about remembering the moment; I believe it's about remembering the feeling of the moment. 

Finding the right photographer for you is essential, as the photos you take will be in your memory book forever. I'm not the perfect fit for everyone, but if my style resonates with you, and you just want something a tad bit different, then I just might be your girl! :) 

If you like what you see and want to chat more about hiring me, feel free to shoot me a message down >> below <<   I can't wait to hear from you!






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Finding the right photographer is one of the most important parts of your wedding day!
Are you looking for something a little less traditional, and a little more unique, fun, laid back and romantic? Then we might be the perfect match! Shoot me a message and tell me all about your wedding dreams and visions! The more detail the better! 
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