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I'm a California girl through and through, growing up in the LBC (long beach city)! My passion for photography started at a very young age. I was the annoying friend with the camera at every social gathering, taking candids of small talk, and forcing you into a group to say "cheese." I have albums upon albums of 4x6 prints labeled in detail on the side. I'm an old soul at heart, mainly because I'm not a fan of social media, I love to knit and croquet, and I love to sip a hot beverage on the porch with friends. 

I'm a world traveler. I met my amazing and studly husband in Peru, where we fell in love and got married in less than a year. On our first "date" we killed, plucked, and cooked a chicken for dinner.... yum! Our first pet together was a monkey named Abu (may he rest in peace). After leaving the jungles of Peru, we got married and now we have the most amazing son in the whole world. His name is Hudson and he is our pride and joy! 


my first love is jesus christ, who pursues me every day even when I have nothing to give.


I live my life to serve Him first, then my husband, then my family. Then somewhere after that I have time to do a job that I love, photography! Currently, my husband and I are pursuing our Masters in Theology at Talbot, Biola University. While we are in seminary, we are seeking the Lord to show us what our next steps in life will be. Meanwhile, we live a pretty simple life in a small apartment on campus, but God has blessed us with jobs we love, and an amazing family to share life with!

Personally, I like meeting and talking to people over a hot cup of coffee, or a cold glass of Nobilo! I just love hearing other people's stories (tell me yours down BELOW). I love trying new things and traveling to new places, especially with my other half (or "mi media naranja" as they say in Peru). In my spare time, I love singing, playing the piano + guitar, cooking + baking, wake boarding + wake surfing (my all time favorite past time), and most of all, spending time with my little family of three!


W H Y E M I L Y ?

You might be contemplating... Why not just let Uncle Bob or my college roommate with a nice camera take my wedding photos? Why should I invest so much money into a professional photographer? Well, this is one of the most important days of your LIFE, and you only have one chance to capture these memories that will last a life time. Not everyone helping out with your wedding needs to be a professional, but your photographer certainly should be. A good wedding photographer does more than just take photos. They are second in command to your wedding coordinator, making sure you are on schedule, coordinating family photos, and ensuring you get every shot you want.

Unlike Uncle Bob who sees photography as a hobby, wedding photography is my full time job. I invest all of my time, and energy, and money into making sure that your wedding day and photos are perfect. I understand the flow of the wedding day and can guarantee that there won’t be a missed moment or detail. In the end, your flowers are going to die and the food is going to be eaten, but your wedding photos are going to last a lifetime. If you hire me, I will capture your wedding with style and expertise, and I can promise you that it will be SO worth the investment.


I'd love to hear all about your visions and dreams for your wedding down below! 


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