| | Catalina Concetta | | Labor + Delivery // Mercy Hospital, St. Louis, MO

Miss Catalina Concetta
Born on July, 29, 2017 at 11:13 p.m.
Weighing 6.5 pounds and 19.5 inches tall! 

Nick + Maria are two people that are very, very dear to my heart.  It feels like we have known them forever now, but it's actually only been a few short months! My husband and I met them at our Birthing Center at Mercy Hospital in St. Louis, where we took classes together every Thursday night for 6 weeks! It was totally a God thing, because not only were our due dates just 3 weeks apart, but we had a California connection (Azusa to be exact) and a Latin America connection (Maria is from El Salvador), and so we just instantly became great friends! After many meals at Chick-Fil-A together, and what felt like a lifetime of waiting, their "angelita" finally came into the world! I felt so honored to be able to capture their birth story, and then to document little C.C's beautiful life with her family in her new home! 
It was the first time I got to witness the miracle of a birth, and I hope it's not the last!